A Very Dogfish Vacay: The Brew Pub


Next stop in Delaware: the Brew Pub. The Brew Pub is located in Rehoboth Beach, DE. While the pub serves some tasty foods, let’s be honest—it’s all about the beer. The Brew Pub is where Sam Caglione started the brewery. While the main “flagship” brews are made at the brewery in Milton, every beer starts as an experimental in the Brew Pub. This means that here you are likely trying a beer that you may never be able to have again. You are helping decide the fate of the precious suds we’ve all learned to love and enjoy.

When we visited, there were several rarities for us to try. The best bet is going with a flight and picking either the most outrageous brews available, or those that you’ve never had before.  From there, you can decide which brews you’d like to have again and again before you leave the pub. While it is home of many rarities, it also has just about everyone of their seasonal and flagships. But you can get those just about anywhere. Go for the ones that you may never be able to get again. The brew pub also has signature beer cocktails that are worth a try.

Whenever there is a cask beer, I will always try it. Cask is pretty much the “natural way” of carbonating a beer, which requires it to be pumped from the tap, leaves a bit warmer temp, and makes any beer creamier than usual. The 75 minute IPA was on tap, which is a combination of the 60 minute and 90 minute with maple syrup. This was one of my favorites. I also enjoyed the Sez Two, which is a brewhouse rarity. The Sez Two is a farmhouse ale.  It is a light saison brewed mainly with wheat malts. I also tried three other samples before deciding to get another glass of the 75 minute.

Finally, we tried one of the signature beer cocktails: The Downtown Ashlee Brown. The cocktail is named after the server who concocted the mix. The drink is made of Festina Peche, Blood Orange Vodka, and OJ. Some may say it’s similar to “manmosa” (look it up). The drink is perfect for day drinking, a beach day, or out on the porch on a hot summer day. The drink is refreshing, crisp, and both sweet and tart. Get yourself some Festina Peche and make it yourself!

If you are in Rehoboth and have even the slightest bit of curiosity about beer – stop at the Brew Pub. Whether you have had most of the Dogfish beer or haven’t had any – there is a beer waiting for you. Again, my suggestion is to get the things that you can’t get anywhere else as a flight. Odds are there will be at least one that you enjoy. Then just get a few more of them before you leave!

(PHOTO: Dogfish Head Brewery)

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