Cocktail O’Clock: Ring of Fire


Today’s Cocktail O’Clock comes from Brett Robison, the bar manager at Republic in Takoma Park, Maryland, and things are getting a liiiiitle complicated. And by complicated, we mean on fire.

Republic’s new Ring of Fire cocktail is an homage to Johnny Cash that’s made with Hennessy, Romana Sambuca, Peychaud’s bitters, lemon peel and orange peel, plus “Angostura flame” — overproof rum and angostura bitters — sprayed from an aromatizer through an open flame. 

We’d say don’t try this at home…but if you do want to try it at home, we got the recipe. For more on how to handle the Angostura flame, check out these instructions. Be safe, kids.

Ring of Fire  

2oz Bulleit Rye
1/2 Romana Sambuca
1tsp simple syrup
3 dashes Peychaud’s bitters
Lemon peel
Orange peel
4 sprays angostura flame

Combine bulleit, bitters, lemon peel and simple syrup in mixing glass. Add ice and stir 5 times.

In a separate old-fashioned glass add 1/2oz Romans Sambuca.

Stir the cocktail 10-15 more times or until well chilled.

Light Sambuca on fire. Begin spraying angostura flames directly towards the flaming Sambuca. Miniature bursts or geysers of fire will form. After 4 sprays, strain cocktail into warmed and aromatized old-fashioned glass.  Garnish with orange peel.


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