Gro Something Greater This Spring


Can winter pleeease be over already? Don’t know about ya’ll, but we are VERY ready for some warm weather….and to start growing some food that is not Brussels sprouts or potatoes (no offense Brussels sprouts or potatoes, but enough is enough). Endless Simmer is stoked to be part of Miracle Gro’s Grow Something Greater campaign, where we joined bloggers and others to gab about what we love to grow, from pesto┬áto wonder, and of course, in our case, sandwiches.

We also know that for some of you, growing food can be as intimidating as baking. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

New to growing? Share your own story about what you’re planning to grow this spring and we’ve got a Grow Kit from Miracle-Gro with a bunch of great gardening gizmos to help one lucky grower get started.

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