Endless Beers: Bourbon County Brand Stout


The holidays are over. Bring on the dark, cold days of gray. I’m still stuffed from the new year, but I have found time to explore the 100 Beers of Winter list. Of those 100, there are a few particular beers that stand out. The Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout doe so because it is so rare. This suds are brewed every year—but with different flavors and a different taste each year. It is a rarity worth picking up before they are off the shelves.

I’ve mentioned this drinking strategy before, but if you haven’t paid attention—you want to get a case. Half of the case is for you to enjoy now. Impress your friends with your brew knowledge, and enjoy every last drop. AsĀ for the other half of the case: store away in the cellar to compare with next year’s…and the next…and the next.

How it tastes:

Aroma: Pleasant aroma of chocolate hits you first with subtle hints of vanilla, then a little bit of brown sugar followed by some booze (in a good way).

Appearance: Very dark—nearly a midnight black. Some may say it looks like oil (you know…liquid gold). Head is tan and a little thin.

Taste: Begins with sweet chocolate flavor, malts and the bourbon come through to follow, along with a bit of a roasted taste. The malts balance out well with the bourbon flavor without one overcoming the other. There is also a small earthy flavor similar to a dry red wine that complements the chocolate tastes.

Mouthfeel: Creamy. It is a smooth feel from beginning to end. No wincing from the “booze” flavor. However, you do get a warming feel while it makes its way down.

Overall: This brew is a frontrunner for one of the best winter brews. A good surprise as well, since many believe Goose Island is a “faux” craft brew. However, the brew still speaks for itself in flavor. It is not something that big beer would produce. I drank this as a “night cap” with a nice bar of dark chocolate. Get one while they last.

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