Korean Empanada Night

Woo-hoo for wintry weather! As much as we all love pumpkin beers, food-wise fall really just seems like a tease until slow cooker season officially arrives. With the temps plummeting this week, I think it’s time to kick it off.


While pulled pork is usually my slow cooker weapon of choice, this week I decided to branch out and go for beef, inspired by Campbell’s Korean BBQ Slow Cooker Sauce. First off: wow, Korean food has really arrived in the mainstream, huh? You’ve come a long way, kimchi. Two: I know this is bordering on cheating, but what I appreciate about this sauce is that it’s actually made out of real food, rather than mostly additives. So you’ve got your peppers, garlic and all your savory spices in the bag, you just pour it over a rump roast and go to work. Seven hours later, you’ve got tender strands of Korean-style BBQ beef.

If you’re a normal person, you just throw that over some white rice and call it a night. Clearly, I had to do something more blog-worthy. My first thought was Korean tacos, but that seemed too typical (yes, I live in a rarified world). Instead, I grabbed some frozen empanada dough from the grocery (perks of living in a Latino neighborhood), shredded a small head of red cabbage along with two carrots, and put a scoop of veggies and a scoop of meat in each circle of dough. Fried those guys up in an inch of oil, and bam–now Korean empanadas exist.



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