Hey Ma, Send Me to Beer Camp!


ATTN: Homebrewers, Self-Proclaimed Beer-Aficionados, Bearded Men, and “Self-Employed”

Sierra Nevada Brewery announced the 4th Annual Beer Camp – two days of paradise for beer lovers. Sierra Nevada is welcoming a select 20 beer lovers to their brewing campus in Chico, California. The catch? A creative, intriguing, interesting, and most likely bearded two-minute video entry illustrating why you deserve to attend beer camp. 10 submissions will be voted on by the common folk. The other 10 winners will be selected by “employees from departments all over the brewery.”

Winners receive two days to tour the brewery (with beer in hand at all times) and then to collaborate with each other to create whatever style beer they wish. With the brewmasters and Sierra Nevada equipment, the winners will create a hand crafted beer. Afterwards, they will meet to then discuss the name of the brew. See former brews here (scroll down). In fact, Sierra Nevada is so proud of past brews, that they offer a “summer camp variety pack.”

What else is included? Well after your ride on the 12-seater beer bike throughout campus, winners meet with quality assurance to learn about the chemistry of beer and proper storage. Then, a lunch in the taproom. Later during your first evening, you’ll have the unique opportunity to tap the cask while enjoying a private VIP concert. Not sold? How about the private tours and tastings of the rarities that do not leave the brewery? Or the brewmaster-guided experience of designing ANY style brew that the collective 20 winners wants to? No? Maybe the fact that your brew will be named by only the 20 winners, and will live on in infamy (see: slight of hand ale, blood shot imperial red ale, hopsichord and more).

At this point, if you aren’t intrigued, then you are a sad excuse for a human being. You may as well crawl into a deep, dark, black hole with your MGD 64 and drink it dry. For the rest of us: start growing that beard and building your production team. Good luck to us all.

You can register to enter at www.sierrabeercamp.com and click “enter to win”!

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