Endless Beers: Anchor Brewing Zymaster No. 4

Zymaster No. 4

The Anchor Brewing Zymaster series. A select series of brews crafted by Anchor’s brewmasters with unique flavor combinations and fresh, intriguing ingredients. Of course, Zymaster isn’t a real word, unless you live in Anchor Brewing’s world. Whether or not you have heard the word before, just the opportunity to try a special “series brew” from the Anchor Brewing company is intriguing in and of itself.

That’s just information about the series. The No. 4 is deemed as the “Fort Ross Farmhouse Ale.” The brew is a belgian ale brewed with Saison yeast, wheats, barleys, and the special Yerba Santa (meaning “Holy Herb”) from Fort Ross on the San Francisco cost. This brew literally comes straight from the farm. On to the tasting.

My 22-oz. bottle was poured into a pint glass with a copper color and good head (about a finger tip’s length). Lacing (the suds left behind on your beer glass) was medium. The aroma leaves you with a definite banana smell with a mix of lemon and herbs. I do get a bit of a feeling that I’m out on a farm in the fresh air, taking in a whiff of the grains growing out on the field. As you first taste the beer, the grains hit you with a bit of a “bready” kind of taste followed by a sweeter wheat flavoring. This doesn’t last long as a spice-like flavor comes through along with a little bit of pear and again more wheat (sweet malt flavor). The brew finishes clean and crisp and does not linger. I could taste less herbs than I could the spice flavors of the saison yeast.

The Zymaster No. 4 Farmhouse Ale is a good summer beer to enjoy  out on your deck/porch/balcony/the grass with good company. Even though the ale weighs in at 7.2% ABV, the flavor is light and finishes with a taste that leaves you wanting to take another sip. And another…and another. I had no problem finishing the large bottle without any friends with me. This is a definite recommendation for your hot and muggy weekend. Not only will you feel refreshed, but also relaxed. That’s nothing that ONE Bud Light Lime can do. The Zymaster No. 4—yes it can.

Zymaster Series No. 4: Fort Ross Farmhouse Ale is available in California, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Hawaii, Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Kansas, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, District of Columbia, Massachusetts, Maryland, Virginia, Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina on tap in select beer havens and also available in 22 oz. bottles.

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    The only thing ONE BL lime can do is make someone vomit.

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