Graham Crackers Gone Wild! Top 10 Ways to Use Your Leftover S’mores Ingredients

It’s time to stock up on chocolate bars, marshmallows, and graham crackers. It’s s’mores season. Typically you’ll see the chocolate go first, then the marshmallows, but every year those poor graham crackers are left over to stale up. It’s a shame…rarely does someone crave a plain honey graham cracker. I actually enjoy one with some peanut butter spread and dunked in an ice cold glass of milk. But I digress. For the rest of you who don’t like the poor old “boring” graham, here are some ideas for what to do with them (other than s’mores of course):

10. Graham Cracker Peanut Butter Bars


Recipe: The Wannabe Chef

Last time I did a top ten, I offended some by offering unhealthy choices. Well, as the humble person I am, and very thoughtful I may add, I found a choice that is gluten free. Gluten free, yet still scrumptious. Peanut butter, chocolate, graham crackers. You’re welcome.

9. Graham Cracker Chicken Bites


Recipe: My Kitchen Snippets

I bet you thought these would all be deserts. Well, yet again you are wrong. Screw corn flakes—let’s add some sweet honey graham crackers to the mix and impress guests of all ages. This really is sweet and savory. Maybe for desert, you can get out the mallows.

8. Apple Walnut French Toast

Mini Apple Walnut French Toast

Recipe: Endless Simmer

Bakersroyale keeps me comin’ back for more. But really, why not start of your day with a breakfast of graham crackers on your french toast? I’ve had captain crunch french toast, and I’m willing to bet this gives the same bang for your buck. First, (after you smother in syrup of course) you get the crunch of the graham cracker, followed by the sweet and soft bread. Repeat.

7. Banana Split Icebox Cake


Recipe: The Girl Who Ate Everything

Icebox cakes are pretty good. But I always though I was getting ripped off when purchasing wafers specifically made for icebox cakes. Now it’s official—I was getting ripped off. The more you know. Anyway, this looks just as awesome, plus there is homemade chocolate drizzle on top. Add fruit to convince yourself it is healthy.

6. No-Bake Boston Creme Strata


Recipe: Good Thymes and Good Food

Summer is the typical season for pies that are filled with puddings and creams. Often, hosts bring out pies that are pretty much just all Cool Whip. People eat it (and serve it) because it’s one of those weird customs like serving lasagna on Thanksgiving. Time to move on people—these are bite-sized squares of delight that still capture those glorious tastes of summer.

5. Lemon Creme Icebox Cake


Recipe: Faith Durand @ the Kitchn (Bakeless Sweets)

Why stop at strawberries and bananas in your icebox cake? For those days that are so hot your ass sticks to anything, a refreshing lemon icebox cake is just what you need. From her new book, Faith Durand shows us how to create sweet nothings without using the dreadful oven on a hot summer day. I’m excited to try the lemon icebox cake, but apparently there is a s’mores one in the book as well…

4. Chocolate, Caramel, and Graham Cracker Toffee Cookie


Recipe: Wives with Knives

Sweet, salty, and stick to your teeth for days. Come and get it, kids—the treat all parents loathe (but secretly love to eat themselves). I always thought of things like brittle and bark for Christmas. Not anymore.

3. Peanut Butter S’mores Bars


Recipe: Pinch of Yum

NOW we’re talking. Ever have trouble (or lose the patience) roasting your marshmallow so that the chocolate is perfectly melted? Here’s your answer. This offers the same great tastes, plus peanut butter for those “sophisticated folks.” Bonus: leaves just as much of a mess on a bearded man’s face.

2. Nutella Hazelnut Magic Bars

Nutella Hazelnut Magic Bars

Recipe: Cookin’ Cowgirl

For those hip and trendy eaters out there, here’s your thang. Although, I guess since everyone now likes Nutella, it ‘aint hip no mo. Oh well. Still, if you’re looking for something that is not toffee, but gooey, sweet, and coco-nutty—here you go. I particularly look forward to the coconut part of it, plus the buttery graham cracker crust makes it even better.

1. Peanut Butter Graham Cracker Balls


Recipe: Baby Gizmo

I love Oreo balls. In fact, my girlfriend’s mother quickly learned how much I loved them and now she saves some on the side for me.  Now, I’m going to have to try to find a way to convince them to make these as well. Peanut butter, chocolate, graham crackers, then top with whatever the hell you want.

Those are the suggestions—now you try to make them with your own twist!

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