The Secret to Awesome Cheater Guacamole

It’s time… I’m about to divulge one of my dirtiest little secrets. It’s lazy, it’s cheap, it’s way too easy, and it’s definitely not authentic.

But it tastes weirdly awesome and only uses two ingredients and zero chopping versus a million ingredients and lots of chopping, so know what, I ain’t too proud. This cheater guac is amazing and I don’t care who knows it.

Chili Garlic Guac

(Yes, that photo is lazy and quick, just like this “recipe” …. I’m being authentic here!)

My friend Joe introduced this shortcut to me when we were camping a few years ago. Just because you’re roughing it, that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve the luxurious, velvety touch of fresh avocado on your tongue whenever you crave it. Who wants to bring a ton of vegetables, a chopping board, and knife to a campsite, though? Not me!

Enter the unexpected savior of this guacamole dilemma: Huy Fong Garlic Chili Sauce.What?! That’s Asian! And isn’t guacamole… Mexican?! What’s going on here?! How can this BE?

Stop asking questions. Just relax and enjoy the revelation.

Take one large, ripe avocado, cut it open and scoop out the insides into a bowl. Now take your Garlic Chili Sauce and scoop out a generous spoonful. Mash and mix the two together. If you like guac spicy and garlicky, obviously use more… if you just want a subtle kick, use a small amount. This is basically the opposite of rocket science.

Garlic Chili Guac 2

If you want to get extremely fancy and you have a lime sitting around, feel free to squeeze some fresh lime juice in there. If you have a pinch of salt, that’ll make things extra delicious. Promise me you’ll try this next time you’re trying to make some fresh guac on the cheap/quick. So, so, so much better than lugging a plastic tub of store-bought guac to your next camping trip or picnic.

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