Bacon Lattice Pulled Pork Potato Pie

bacon pie

Advance apologies to anyone who has made any kind of New Year’s resolution, because this almost certainly breaks all of them. But it simply has to be shared. Attention must be paid.

My girlfriend recently proposed making Cowgirl’s Country Life’s bacon-topped pulled pork pie and I, well, just about proposed to her…Check out the link for the full recipe, but here’s the play-by-play:

1. Potatoes


Sliced thinly and spread across a cast iron; topped with some mysteriously awesome pork spices we picked up in Denmark this summer

2. Pork


This is a great way to use up the leftovers from slow cooker pulled pork. We also added some extra BBQ sauce.

3. Cheese


Grate some provolone (we mixed with cheddar) on top. We also added some scallions. Jalapenos wouldn’t have been bad here either.

4. Bacon

bacon lattice

In lattice form, of course.

5. Do the Flip


6. Bake It

bacon pie cooked

Cowgirl said 325 on her Memphis Pro Grill…it took forever in the regular old oven, so I’d recommend turning it up a bit. And it appears we needed to space our lattice out a bit more than we did, but it was still delicious, obviously.

Much love to Cowgirl’s Country Life for being a genius. Check out her blog for the full recipe.

Find more bacon recipes and ridiculousness in Endless Bacon.

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