A Gift From ES: Endless Wines

Is it us, or does the holiday party season start earlier and earlier every year? Somehow I already have something scheduled nearly every freaking day for the next month. You know what that means….we’re gonna need a LOT of wine.

Here’s the deal, folks: Naked Wines is an awesome new company that invests in independent winemakers so that they can give you seriously good prices on premium bottles of booze. By cutting out the middlemen, they can offer bottles from the best boutique winemakers for 40 – 60 percent off. BUT Endless Simmer is one-upping that and giving you $100 off your holiday case of wine. Just click the image above (or here) to redeem your $100 voucher off of any order.

Ya’ll know we don’t spam you guys with things we wouldn’t buy ourselves—but this is a legit deal, and a cool company that we’re really excited to partner with. I just cashed in the voucher myself and got a case of 12 bottles from 12 different indie winemakers for $160, minus the ES $100 off coupon = $60 for a case, no hidden shipping fees or anything. While I’m still sober enough to divide, let me tell you that’s $5 a bottle.

Check it out!

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  • ML December 4, 2012  

    This is….I could cry. I’m crying. Happy tears.

  • BS December 4, 2012  

    LOL, – love it ML

  • Katt Kasper December 4, 2012  

    Two of my favorite things; getting naked and drinking wine! It’s like getting paid to do it! I’m in!!!

  • Barbara December 4, 2012  

    This is awesome! Sadly, I live in a stupid, stupid nanny state where I can’t ship wine, but this will make for an excellent xmas present to my parents across the country. Thank you!

  • ML December 4, 2012  

    @Barbara – try to make some friends in neighboring states. I’m trying to decide if it’s wrong to have this shipped to my office in New Jersey…

  • Emily December 4, 2012  

    My roommates and I are definitely treating ourselves to a case of this sweet, sweet indie wine nectar for the holidays! ES just keeps getting better.

  • Miss K December 7, 2012  

    I just bought my carnivore case. Thanks ES!

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