Endless Road Trip Boston: Mike’s City Diner

We’ve made a bit of a tradition out of seeking out restaurants featured on the show Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. Cheesy and touristy? Sure, but we haven’t been disappointed so far. The quest continued with Mike’s City Diner in Boston. You’d think it’d be well known in the entire Boston area, so I asked the folks at Sam Adams what the best means to get to the diner is. They had no idea of where it even was, so either my perspective on the size of Boston was horribly off, or maybe they just never make it out to that side of town. Either way—they are missing out. Mike’s City Diner does not disappoint, and there’s a reason why Guy Fieri was “Rollin’ Out” to Mike’s City Diner in Boston. Here are the highlights:

New England Clam Chowder

I like seafood, so what else am I going to get during my first visit to New England? Chowdah…wherever I go. I was officially “chowdah’d out” by the end of the trip, but this is top tier. However, it’s also kind of in its own category since it has practically as much BACON in it as it does clams. That’s right…it has BACON in it: take a look and salivate a bit. I was expecting clams in every bite, but I wasn’t expecting to get bacon in every bite too—BONUS. Plus the creamy goodness of New England Chowder. Best combination in a soup. Ever. Oyster crackers: optional.

Mike’s Famous Pilgrim

Thanksgiving dinner packaged in a sandwich. I’ve had this sandwich once before in Albany, NY, but this one wins out. They picked a roll that holds these moist, savory, and yes—even sweet, layers without falling apart when you pick it up. They even include the gravy in the sandwich (how could you forget it?) I could only eat half, but I chose to ask to take the rest home with me, without knowing if the hotel room had a fridge. It didn’t matter, I just couldn’t think about watching a waitress scrape this ode to Thanksgiving into the trash.

Corned Beef Hash Omelette

I am a huge advocate of corned beef hash. If you’re sitting at the diner table with me, don’t be surprised if I repeatedly offer you some and when you say no, I’ll tell you how much you and your eggs are missing out. But anywhoo…Mike’s City Diner makes their corned beef hash fresh – not from a can.  You know right away that you are in for a treat. We’ve never seen corned beef hash offered in an omelette, so we gave it a try. It was very good, but if you like corned beef hash as much as me, you’ll find yourself scooping it out of the omelette. Still…where else can you get a corned beef hash omelette?

The Verdict:

If you get the chance to go to Boston, don’t miss it. Mike’s City Diner is reasonably priced…actually, cheap for the amount of food you get and the quality of the food. Do it.

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