What’s Your Beer Telling You?

So clearly, that boring debate last night didn’t help anyone decide who to vote for. If you’re still not sure which way you’re leaning, grab a beer out of the fridge—what are you holding? Okay, now cross-reference your beer with the bubble chart above. Got it? Okay, now you can vote.

If only it were that simple. Well…apparently it kind of is. The National Journal analyzed data from a Scarborourgh report and found that those who drink Heinekens are most likely to vote Democrat and those drinking Sam Adams are most likely to vote Republican. Then, there are those in the middle—drinking, of all things, the beer of The Most Interesting Man in the World. Too bad being in the middle isn’t considered too interesting right now (which is why you middle folk should take a stand!!!)

So let’s delve a bit deeper:

The bottom half of the chart illustrates those voters least likely to vote. Not so good for the D’s out there—even though Heinie’s are the most likely to vote D, they are less likely to actually go out and vote. Similarly, the R’s drinking Busch Light and Keystone Light are less likely to vote. Then of course, there is the giant glob in the center of the lower half (Bud Light)…my explanation: college kids.

Now may I direct you to the upper right corner. You will notice two other mid-sized bubbles: Miller Light and Coors Light. I can tell you from experience: odds are likely that the majority of college republican CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) and state federation parties make up for at least one of those bubbles. Then of course, you have one of the fathers of homebrew himself—Jim Koch’s Sam Adams, supporting the thirst of most voting elephants.

Onward to the left…and sadly, as a stubborn elephant myself, I’m disappointed to see that the majority of microbrew supporters are Dems. At least it encompasses a population that actually votes and does something about their beliefs. More power to you. However, I am willing to bet that because most well-known micro-breweries are in the west coast, this explains why that particular bubble is leaning to the left. Also glad to see that at least Guinness is represented in the upper half of the chart.

Some things of note. First and foremost: did anyone else notice the bolded any hard cider bubble? Made me laugh just a little bit. But also made me wonder: WHY is hard cider being considered beer? Really…at least light beer has the same ingredients as beer. It also makes sense that Sierra Nevada is so HIGH and LEFTWARD considering it’s in California. And lastly, given how broad this chart is, there is one thing that we can all agree on: beer is good. So why don’t we just have a huge drinking conference for all beer drinkers. I bet we’d get more accomplished too.

So in conclusion: Democrats are Heinies 🙂

More: National Journal


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