White House Homebrew

“Four score and seven beers ago…” the founders of this great land never imagined that the leader of the free world would be touting the White House’s own home brew. But it’s true–=B-ROCK himself is supporting a small brewery in the White House for special parties and even on the campaign bus!

Stop the bus! Is this something that we can all actually agree on in politics? The right to crack one open? But wait! It’s not a big beer company?! Shocking…so not all beers are created equally? The President of the US of A says that it’s okay to drink a beer with taste. Put the Bud Light down and grow a pair. Maybe that’s a better slogan than “Forward.”

As for the kind of beer—that we can debate. The White House brews a honey ale (including dark and light varieties, for the sake of equality), but is this the best brew for America? What about us bitter American folk out there? Where’s the IPA to represent us? I want answers. Somebody pose the question at one of the Presidential debates.

So, from the candidates this year, I need the following:

(1) What beer will they put forward to represent this great land?

(2) A better slogan – we all know that both slogans are “skunked.”

(3) A tax cut for those homebrewers out there enriching this great land.

I’ll be honest, my faith has wavered in American politics. Where is the choice in a quality candidate any more? Time and time again we have succumbed to the lack of choices provided us. For what? I’ll tell you one thing, if it was for “four more beers,” maybe my mind would change. So this year’s ES endorsement is still on the table, but Barack scores big points with this move.

(PHOTO: reuters.com)

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  • ML August 27, 2012  

    I like Mike!

  • Carol August 27, 2012  

    I have been home brewing for many years, not just since it became a fad. I’m glad that BO has allowed it in the White House (even though he is not the one brewing it and we are paying for it), and though I won’t say he chose varieties that I would enjoy, at least it shows guests he has some sophistication at least in his palate. The price of the ingredients to do my home brewing has skyrocketed since he has been in office, though, and he still won’t be getting my vote.

  • mandini August 31, 2012  

    why I can’t become president: there are far too many pics of me looking kinda like that

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