This is What Brunch at Per Se Looks Like

Per Se may be the best restaurant in New York, but it’s also a food blogger’s nightmare: no photos allowed!?! ES Spy Sara Huneke discovered a secret: opt for their $200 brunch instead of dinner, and you’ll have enough natural light flowing in to surreptitiously take drool-worthy smartphone shots.

Red wine-braised heirloom onions, arrowleaf spinach, broccolini, cauliflower, Meyer lemon and preserved horseradish.

Glazed white asparagus, yellow cling peaches, Belgian endive, Pearson Farm’s pecans, sorrel and Australian black winter truffle.

Big fin squid “poelee,” sunny-side up hen egg, goldbar squash sofrito, saffron aioli and petite basil.

Chocolate cheesecake, “dulce de leche,” candied peanuts and rum ice cream.

Macaroons, truffles and fudge.

Even the coffee setup is pretty enough for the cover of Vogue.

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  • Nick (Macheesmo) July 2, 2012  

    Hmm… $200 for for five courses, two of which are dessert?

    I would need a hot dog after this…

    None of them look very substantial…

  • BS July 2, 2012  

    @Macheesmo – I believe this is just a sampling – the tasting menu is actually longer than this.

  • Charlotte Julienne July 7, 2012  

    Just so special, such a treat

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