The Endless Road Trip — San Diego’s Top 10 Eats: 4. The Veggie Burger Comes Full Circle

Once upon a time, veggie burgers were merely a last-resort option for lonely vegetarians at BBQs or meat-centric restaurants that didn’t have a single other flesh-free entree. As we know, they’ve come a long way since then. Now, faux burgers are less likely to be be a poor man’s meat substitute, and more often something inventive enough that even a human carnivore would want to eat.

My second San Diego food truck stop took me to MIHO Gastrotruck. I had heard good things about their carnitas tacos and pork belly bahn mi, but one particular thing on the chalkboard menu caught my eye:


Look closely. Yes, their veggie burger has the option to add bacon. And why the eff not? If a vegetarian patty is good enough to attract meat eaters, well then shouldn’t it be even tastier with bacon on it? Now everyone’s happy.

This particular patty was a luscious blend of quinoa, farro, carrots and beets — so that it had the bloody red allure of a beef burger. The farro and quinoa loan a heartiness, while the veggies make sure it stays juicy. With melted havarti cheese, herbed aioli, grilled red onions, local butter leaf lettuce and a whole wheat bun, it is anything and everything a vegetarian would enjoy.

And yes, it is even better with bacon.

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  • erica June 6, 2012  

    i LOVE a good beet burger, now i want the recipe 🙂 the house vegi burger at Henry’s 12th Street Tavern here in Portland does a huge, greasy beet burger that got me hooked on them.

  • BS June 6, 2012  

    good idea – will ask MIHO for the recipe!

  • kim June 15, 2012  

    The most fantastic veggie burger I ever tasted was at The Bad Ass Cafe in Dublin, Ireland.

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