Six Beers in One: He’Brew Funky Jewbelation

Some people think of funky as a good thing, others see it as a weird kind of thing, and others just think of it as downright nasty. I’d say the Shmaltz Brewing Company’s He’Brew Funky Jewbelation brew follows the same logic: you might like it, depending how you feel about funk.

Shmaltz is very witty in their productions and they don’t disappoint with the names of their brews (such as the six included in this brew). Yes, the Funky Jewbelation includes a mix of six different beers all blended into one: “Jewbelation Fifteen,” “Vintage Jewbelation,” “Bittersweet Lenny’s R.I.P.A.,” “Origin,” “Reunion Ale ’11,” and of course “Messiah.” This blend of brews was then aged in bourbon barrels and rye whiskey barrels. Finally, the brew weighs in with an ABV or 9.8%. The poster says “too funky to fail” with confidence, touting their courage to become brewing mixologists. I was pretty excited since I like unique beers and it seemed like this would be a tasty dark one, particularly since it was aged in whiskey and bourbon barrels.

The idea is great, but the reality of it was disappointing. The Funky Jewbelation has a thick and heavy body and a very dark color, almost taking on the look of a stout, which is deceiving because it really doesn’t taste much like a stout at all. The aroma of the beer doesn’t really give off a scent of any hops, but smells more like a sweet molasses mixed with fruit and booze. The beer has a taste of molasses with subtle fruity undertones and is a bit sour. Combine all of these tastes, and you have a medicinal flavor. Finally, the mouthfeel gives you a “syrupy” kind of feeling on the roof of your mouth.

Apparently the people at ratebeer felt this funk was a good thing. Ratebeer gave it an 95 and Beeradvocate’s gave it an 85, which was surprising to me, because when my dad and I had it, we both thought the same thing: cough syrup.  Funky Jewbelation brought me to the point where I almost had to force it down (I refuse to waste any beer). Apparently there are some people that really enjoyed the brew, so to each their own…I guess. If you are looking for a beer that is very sweet, thick, and has a bit of a sour taste to it, be our guest and let us know what you think! Shalom.

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  • erica May 24, 2012  

    best beer name EVER!

  • unsightly May 24, 2012  

    Yikes- my husband and I received a gift set for our birthday that included this beer and I loved it. It was flavor country. And I got really drunk, really fast.

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