Eating Down the Fridge: Condiment Club

I am about to make a confession that I am pretty sure makes me un-American:  I don’t like really like condiments.  Specifically, I am not a fan of ketchup or mayonnaise.  Yep.  Just exile me now.  So, if you are reading this post looking for ways to use that four-year-old bottle of mustard lurking in the fridge door, I’m sorry. I have nothing for you today.

Here’s the thing, though.  I think that mayo, ketchup, Miracle Whip, and especially green ketchup give condiments a bad name.  After all, a quick search at reveals that a condiment is “something used to give special flavor to food.”  Okay, that I can get behind.

Here at my house, we are 90% vegetarian.  Also, we are very cheap frugal.  Often, particularly toward the end of the month, we eat a lot of beans and rice/tortillas/polenta/etc… That’s all nice and nutritious, but it can get a little…well, tedious.  Enter my favorite condiment: homemade coleslaw.  Contracy to popular belief, it can be made from all kinds of vegetables; not just cabbage. Throw some atop a big ol’ pile of rice and beans (or a baked bean sandwich, pictured above), and voila: instant dinner elevation.  It’s the perfect EDtF recipe, because the permutations are endless.

“Recipe” for homemade coleslaw:

  • 4 cups shredded or diced crunchy vegetables/fruit.  Cabbage is of course the norm, but I also like to use green peppers, carrots, or apples, plus a little bit of onion.
  • 4 T. of something acidic (white or apple cider vinegar, lemon or lime juice)
  • 2 T. oil (olive or vegetable, sesame for something different)
  • Seasoning (grated ginger, celery seed, oregano, fresh cilantro)

Mix and refrigerate for 2 hours or so.

Now, that is a condiment worth eating.

Help me out here, though — what other possible ingredients have I missed?

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  • Emily April 25, 2012  

    Girllllll. Cole slaw is one of my all-time favorite foods. I eat it more than is… normal. I don’t even think it’s a condiment, more of a side maybe?

    Do you ever add mustard to your dressing?! Or does that go against your “no condiment” rule? Usually I whisk together dijon mustard, a little bit of mayo or plain yogurt, apple cider vinegar, and a bit of oil. Then add salt, pepper, & a small amount of white sugar.

    Also: RAISINS.

  • erica April 25, 2012  

    this post gets five stars, it has all the food blogging stuff i like: a general outline to make something awesome you can use in a billion ways, normal ingredients, and confessions of distaste for ketchup 😉

  • BS April 25, 2012  

    @erica I need to add a “like” feature to ES, but for now your comment above gets a huge virtual thumbs up. too funny.

  • Miss K April 25, 2012  

    @Emily – True, it seems like a side, but I prefer it as an on-top, which I believe shifts it into condiment territory.
    @Erica – Thank you!

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