Wanna Drink Boxed Wine But Also Be Classy?

Well, then, have I got a boon for you! Finally, a wine in a portable box package you can be proud of: CalNaturale. Cal, because it’s from California, and Naturale, because… wine is…natural? (A natural liquid for ME to drink, at least!) No, it’s called Naturale because, according to the winemakers:

The grapes used to produce our wine were grown in the famed Paso Robles Appellation and are certified as having been farmed organically; that is, without the use of any pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. Carrying this sustainable theme even further, we have packaged CalNaturale in Tetra-Pak flexible packaging — convenient and very eco-friendly, utilizing less than half the greenhouse gasses, waste and energy in producing and transporting our product.

So, CalNaturale, not only is your wine much more high-quality and delicious than Franzia (no offense, Franzia, I still love you, but let’s be real) it is also good for the environment? I am doing the earth a favor by guzzling this wine, is what you are telling me? This is all the justification I need.

The facts that both the cabernet sauvignon and chardonnay are pretty damn good for their price point (under $15), and are easily portable for all your stealth/outdoor drinking needs (spring is here — picnic, anyone?) only sweeten the deal. And this wine is definitely a deal. Bottoms up!

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  • All I can say is: WANT. Can I be their spokesperson? PLEASE? Franz seems so yesterday now…

  • ML March 21, 2012  

    So wait. It’s one bottle per box? I don’t know. I prefer variations like the Bota Box, which is FOUR BOTTLES in one box.

  • Emily March 21, 2012  

    Wellll, the box is 1000ml and your average bottle of wine is 750ml, so it’s a little more than one bottle a box. Knowing us, though, either way that is definitely NOT ENOUGH WINE – luckily it’s inexpensive enough, you can stock up.

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