Somebody Fetch Me a Unitasker!

Here at ES, we love to hate on unitaskers, or at least make fun of them whenever possible.  And with good reason.  I mean, if you haven’t yet learned to crack an egg, no ridiculous kitchen gadget is going to save you.  Also, my kitchen drawers are filled to maximum capacity, so if it it comes down to a choice between a bottle opener or a lettuce knife, the booze wins every time.

There are times, though, when a unitasker is certainly called for.  If I had a cherry tree, I would definitely acquire a cherry pitter, although perhaps not one that costs $50.  Same with an apple tree and those amazing peeler/corer/slicer things.  And actually, those do more than one thing, even if it is to a single piece of fruit, so I guess it’s not a unitasker after all.

And there is a certain gray area when it comes to unitasker ownership.  What if, for example, you are really bad at cutting pineapple?  Every time you cut one up, you get the distinct feeling that this can’t possibly be the best way, as you seem to have wasted about a third of the fruit.  But no one has been able to show you a better way, except your brother-in-law, and that is because he owns on of these. Yes, a pineapple cutter. A perfect pineapple cutter. It’s brilliant.

So, is it worth owning something that you only use three times a year, if it does exactly what you need it to do?  This, my friends, is a question that I have yet to answer satisfactorily. I can promise you this, though.  I will never, ever, own a corncob cutter.

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  • Christina February 28, 2012  

    I love my pineapple cutter; it means less waste, less sticky, and less time. Don’t think of it as a unitaskter, though. Not only does it cut the pineapple, it also creates a festive pineapple drinking apparatus for pina coladas. Fancy cut pinapple, fancy booze holder…everyone wins.

  • Thresher February 28, 2012  

    Spätzle is much easier to make with the water-bottle shaker-dispenser thingy.

  • amanda February 28, 2012  

    Pampered Chef has a pineapple wedger that takes up way less space than this one. I love it!

  • Maggie March 5, 2012  

    how about this unitasker-
    could it get any lazier?

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