Plate It or Hate It

Recent food world discoveries the ES crew is loving and hating

Plate It: Creamed Honey

We love honey. We hate how it sticks all over everything. Creamed honey is pure honey that is crystallized so that it changes texture; you get a smooth, creamy product that spreads like butter and doesn’t drip-drip-drip all over everything like that pedestrian un-creamed honey. Brilliant. (Available at

Hate It: Push Pop Cakes

The latest mom blogger craze picks up where cake pops left off. Come on, foodie moms — please stop sacrificing practicality for cuteness. That is not how you eat a cake. Push it up and things start to fall apart once you take your first bite.  (Photo: kristin_a)

Plate It: Travel-Size Brie

Finally. We no longer have to fly with just Laughing Cow. Quality doesn’t compare to regular brie, but it’s sure better than no brie. (Available from Ile de France)

Hate It: Rachael vs. Guy Celebrity Cook-Off

Really, Food Network? Market research told you the world wanted a show that combines Guy Fieri’s overenthusiastic douchiness with RayRay’s perky catchphrases? And then you decided all it needed to be perfect was a former N’Sync member and maybe Lou Diamond Phillips? To be fair, we can’t hate on the ingenious inclusion of Coolio.

Plate It: Rachel vs. Guy Recaps on Grantland

Max Silvestri’s hilariously in-depth recaps almost make us think we should actually be watching this show every week…almost.

Hate It: “Eatie”

Sorry to keep picking on Rachael (OK, not sorry at all), but her attempt to coin a word that is more cutesy and annoying than “foodie” has been entirely successful. (Photo: Eater)

Plate It: Candied Egg Yolk

Somehow our 100 ways to cook an egg didn’t get to turning the yolk into candy. We’re calling this the next food trend NOW.

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  • Libbie February 1, 2012  

    Can someone please make creamed honey and brie push pops?

  • Liza February 2, 2012  

    Agreed Libbie! I like cake, but I do not feel it’s functional nor something I would enjoy to have it in push pop form. But creamed honey and brie for sure! The candied egg yolk seems really awesome, but I embarrassingly feel like I would be scarred to try it. Has anyone had it before?

  • Libbie February 2, 2012  

    No Liza, don’t be afraid! I imagine it’s like a crunchy, sugary custard that’s way more convenient to eat.

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