How to Enjoy (and Survive) a Cocktail Class

My talent is eating and drinking. Not cooking. Not baking. And absolutely not cocktail mixing. If you know me even a little, you know my idea of a good cocktail is vodka that costs more than $15 a bottle and cranberry juice, mixed in various ratios depending on what time it is and where I’m headed.

So I was pretty excited when The Wine School of Philadelphia invited me in for a Pre-Prohibition Cocktail Class last month led by Jason Wilson. I was a little afraid though. What do I know about cocktails?

Nothing.  I knew nothing.

Call me naive, but I had no idea how complex cocktails could really be. At the two-hour class, I learned the components of a punch, that there really is a difference between vermouths and, most importantly, that you should always eat a big meal before a cocktail tasting class. After “tasting” for an hour, I couldn’t feel my face and I worried how I would continue the class. It became clear to me why prohibition happened in the first place: these people straight up drank alcohol with no mixers and probably acted like total assholes. Hasn’t anyone heard of a 50/50?

My notes went from detailed to a sloppily scribbled “GOOD” next to the recipes that were distributed to all of us (thank god). Luckily, Jason is a really good teacher, and as I sat there with my eyes glazed over, he somehow still managed to make me understand what I was drinking.

If you’re anything like me (young and drinking booze out of plastic containers), I encourage you to attend a class or even just buy a book on the wonderful science behind boozy concoctions. You won’t be disappointed.

But remember the number one rule: make sure you have a big meal beforehand, and skip the pre-class drinks.

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  • Yvette ~ Muy Bueno January 11, 2012  

    I’ve been trying to plan a tequila and/or a wine tasting event. I’ll be sure to feed everyone well first. LOL!

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