Grilled Cheese Gone Wild!

Sure, mom’s buttery white bread and American cheese version is a classic, but these days grilled cheese has hit a whole new level. Here are some of our favorite crazy grilled cheese options.

1. Jalapeno Popper Grilled Cheese

Can’t decide between your two favorite cheesy snacks? Have them both with Simply Scratch’s simply amazing jalapeno-cream cheese-onion-sourdough-colby concoction.

2. Fried Green Tomato Grilled Cheese

Fried inside fried? Yes and yes. Life’s Ambrosia has the recipe.

3. Bechamel Grilled Cheese

You thought rubbing a layer of butter on grilled cheese was indulgent? At Firefly in D.C., chef Danny Bortnick’s cadillac grilled cheese has bechamel sauce spread in between white bread, with garlic-herb butter, aged Cabot, and Gruyere.

(Photo: Dakota Fine)

 4. Focaccia Grilled Cheese

At Tulio in Seattle, crispy strips of focaccia are stuffed with Bel Paese cheese, truffle oil and sea salt.

 5. Farmers Market Grilled Cheese

At Milk Truck in Brooklyn, there’s a different sandwich inspired by farmar finds each week, like this fresh mozzarella, field tomatoes and feta salsa verde version.

6. Mac and Cheese Grilled Cheese

In case you had forgotton about our own Russell Warnick’s two-for-one, truffled cheese amazingess.

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7. Plantain Grilled Cheese

At Pilar Cafe in Brooklyn, fried plantains aren’t a side, but a filling, served here with cheddar, gruyere and espresso-mustard on multi-grain bread.

 8. Grilled Cheese Dip

What’s better than a sandwich? A sandwich in dip form, which you can spread on bread. Check out Borracho’s grilled cheese BLT dip.

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  • Jessica December 13, 2011  

    That jalapeno popper grilled cheese is making me swoon.

  • erica December 14, 2011  

    same here! and the fried green tomato one.
    i always ask for tomatos on my grilled cheezes; it fools me into thinking i made it “healthy” 🙂

  • Kelsey December 14, 2011  

    I’ll pass on the mac and cheese one..

  • Nick (Macheesmo) December 15, 2011  

    Jalapeno popper grilled cheese. Yes please.

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