Cocktail O’Clock: A Cosmo with Kick

There is probably no cocktail with a less hardcore rep than the cosmopolitan. Not sure if it became this way because of Sex and the City or just due to bloggers making fun of it, but no self-respecting cocktail snob could ever order one with a straight face. But is that fair? Really, a cosmo is supposed to be just fresh lime (good), cranberry (not so rough-and-tumble, but not a horrible flavor either), and a ton of vodka. If made right, this shouldn’t be an embarrassing drink at all.

Urbana in Washington, D.C. is now making a cocktail that tries reclaims the cosmo, with spicy fall flavors, including ginger- and allspice-based liqueurs.

Spiced Cosmo

1 oz cranberry puree
¼ oz agave nectar
¼ oz Thomas organic ginger apple liqueur
¼ oz Pimento Dram (allspice liqueur)
2 oz Absolut ginger/apple

Shake with ice and strain into a martini glass. Garnish with an organg twist.

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