Gridiron Grub: Top 5 Beer Cocktails

This is a tough point in the season for many fans; the excitement of the unknown has been replaced by either the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat. I’ll admit it, I got cocky before the NFL season started. I believed the hype and  did not expect to be sitting here after Week 7 in the NFL with my Eagles at 2-4.

That means now is as good a time as any to drown your sorrows. If your team is on the upswing, celebrate away. If not, feel free to try some  all of these tasty libations, which make “drinking a cold one” much more exciting for any football foodie.  They’ll make sure you and your guests have a great time no matter what the score is.

1. New Orleans Style Michelada from A Mountain of Crushed Ice

Salty, savory and with just enough kick, this michelada with Peychaud bitters definitely lives up to its Bayou heritage.

 2. The Glazed Doughnut from Sips and Shots

The only thing we can say about this is, why the hell didn’t we think of it first?

3. German Style Radler from Trouble Brewing

Radlers are so delicious that I even saw children drinking them when I was in Austria.

4. Liquid French Toast from The Beer Sessions

A take on the classic black and tan, this is definitely an exception to our no drinking before noon 10am rule.

5. Muddy Puddle from JoeDoe in NYC

Bourbon, espresso and Sierra Nevada stout? Sounds about perfect, and may give just the lift you need for a bad second half.

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  • John October 27, 2011  

    As a former bartender I really never did much with beer except add a little tomato juice and call it a Red Beer. I have to tell you I just read the recipe for the Muddy Puddle and took off to the store to get all my missing ingreidients and WoW!!!! My hats off to the creator of this cocktail.

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