A Far East Inspired Tomato Salad

With the first night of freeze nearing in on New Jersey, I plucked plenty of near-red tomatoes from my Dad’s garden this past weekend. I don’t know how the Garden State does it, but these tomatoes, picked way past the fiery days of August, still pack a wonderful, real tomato flavor. The texture is intact and not reminiscent of those winter, mealy faux-tomatoes.

Savoring these tomatoes came easy: a simple salad. But I ditched the normal Italian-seasoning of mozzarella, oil and balsamic vinegar and traveled a little East. Topping the bright red hunks is not basil, but seaweed. I crumbled Green Chopsticks‘ Roasted Seaweed Crisps over top for a slight taste of the sea and a definitive crunch. With chunky Maldon sea salt and a few grinds of pepper, this salad found all it needed.

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  • erica October 12, 2011  

    yum! my sad crop of tomatos is still ripening on my kitchen table. in PDX you pretty much have to pick them all once it starts to rain or the slugs will get them. yes, in Portland even the slugs go climbing (it’s so cute when they go bouldering on my rock collection!).

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