Cocktail O’Clock: Not Your Typical Russian

Vodka isn’t one of my favorite libations but I am partial to anything milky, especially in the fall, so when I stumbled upon the Batidas, a Brazilian version of the White Russian on a recent visit to Station 4 here in DC, I was pleasantly surprised. They were kind enough to share the recipe.

Coconut Batidas

2 parts Cachaca
1 part sweetened condensed milk (throw in a little more and it’ll taste like Christmas)
1.5 parts coconut milk

Mix the cachaca and condensed milk in a shaker, add ice and coconut milk and shake some more. Pour over a strainer into a glass with ice, garnish at will. Serve and enjoy.

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  • Amy October 7, 2011  

    I wonder if it would be good heated? I may have to put this on my cocktail list.

  • Russell Warnick October 7, 2011  

    I’m not sure, the condensed milk might caramelize it, depending on how long and hot you heat it?

  • TheGourmetCoffeeGuy October 10, 2011  

    Brazilian food is one of our favorites… Batidas is a refreshing beverage. Glad you featured it on your post!

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