Top 10 New Foods at the 2011 State Fairs

5. El Bananarito – Texas State Fair

This one has fruit in it, so we’re counting it as healthy. For some inexplicable reason, someone in Texas thought to roll a banana in a flour tortilla, deep fry the whole  thing, then top it with whipped cream, powdered sugar, and chocolate sauce. Yes, please. (State Fair of Texas)

4. Chocolate Covered Jalapeno Poppers – Minnesota State Fair

Looks like the new trend this year its taking deep fried classics and covering them in chocolate. Legendary Minnesota State Fair vendor Andre’s Watermelon decided to give jalapeño poppers the sweet makeover this year. (Photo: Minnesota State Fair)

3. Deep Fried Salsa – Texas State Fair

Well you’ve got to have something to top your bananarito with, don’t you? Just kidding — this one is basically a meal unto itself — jalapenos, roasted garlic, onion, tomato, and pepper rolled together, dipped in masa, covered in crumbled tortilla chips, and fried, with queso dip on the side. (Photo: State Fair of Texas)

 2. Breakfast Lollipop – Minnesota State Fair

Because no one should have to wait until lunchtime to start their deep fried gorging, Minnesota debuted this breakfast sausage patty on a stick. It’s dipped in corn muffin batter, deep fried, and covered in maple syrup. Read more about the Minnesota Fair’s amazing food options at Heavy Table. (Photo: Natalie Champa Jennings)

1. Fried Ice Cream Burger – Florida State Fair

Move over, Luther burger, there’s a new game in town, and this one comes with all the works. And by that of course we mean bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle…and a scoop of cornflake-battered, deep fried ice cream. Bravo, America — you’ve done it again. Until next year. (Photo: Cheryl Reas)

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  • naomi September 14, 2011  

    Love this post It’s like Iron Chef gone wild. Really wild. Now can we please get some cocktails deep fried with out losing any proofs?

  • Liza September 15, 2011  

    I’m laughing hysterically at the deep fried Kool Aid!

  • Licia September 15, 2011  

    How in the world do you eat deep fried butter? Wouldn’t it melt? Gross.

  • Peggy September 16, 2011  

    That butter on a stick is just wild! Don’t think I could do it =)

  • lauren September 16, 2011  

    i won’t lie, the deep fried salsa sounds awesome.

  • Borracho September 16, 2011  

    At this point to truly shock us, don’t fairs have to do a 180 and offer things like fresh local fruits and veggies?

  • Just wow September 19, 2011  

    Deep fried watermelon – LA County Fair.

  • tony verdone September 26, 2011  

    the deep fried watermelon at the la county fair the best fair food ever!! cardinali woodfire pizza came up with it!

  • Silver November 17, 2012  

    Ew fried icecream burger?
    And those butter sticks ewwwwwwww
    American, you’ve gone to far.

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