Now Simmering on Tumblr and Pinterest

We’re full service over here at Endless Simmer: we travel where the food lovers live.

We’ve recently expanded our food porn to Tumblr and Pinterest. So if you play on those sites, come by and say hi. And of course, we’re already on Facebook and Twitter.

Speaking of Twitter, make sure you follow the whole gang: @gansie, @russellwarnick (formerly Britannia), @bakersroyal, @forkitude, @emilyteachout, @madelinesho (ML), @mcj4476 (tvff), @BellyRulesMind (Borracho) and @roodeloo.


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  • SallyBR August 30, 2011  

    Well, I just joined Tumblr after reading your post… not sure what’s all about, cannot even see my own post in the site… I guess I am too clueless for this kind of social networking


  • gansie August 30, 2011  

    I freaking adore you that you joined tumblr after reading this post. I’ll send you some of my favorite sites and how to get started.

    does anyone else have questions about tumblr? i’m happy to explain.

    although i’m kinda clueless on pinterest.

  • gansie August 30, 2011  

    ps- am i the only one that sees an engagement ring ad? oh boy.

  • BS August 30, 2011  

    @gansie – lol. yes.

  • bakersroyale August 30, 2011  

    gansie-we should trade. I”m clueless on tumblr but I can assist on Pinterest.

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