Where Did the News Go?

All of a sudden it stopped landing in my inbox. At first I forgot about it, but then it became clear. I was missing my daily dose of food news, the aptly titled Food News Journal.

I had forgotten the name of the site, as sometimes the obvious becomes the most forgettable. But when I googled around for it and landed on the homepage I learned what happened. Those freaking biatches at Food 52 stole them! So now I must drag my mouse to their website instead of getting the well-rounded links directly to my gmail.

But because I adore their roundups so much, I wanted to show them that I will still travel across the www to find their curated view of what’s important in the world of eats.

And maybe you should to- this is the new home.

(Photo: Food News Journal)

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  • Roo de Loo August 19, 2011  

    Total bummer. Food 52 looks like it’s mostly recipes, whereas Food Journal News really pulled great content from across the web. For now, the merge has left me with an appetite.

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