Emoticon Your Food Life

Ever since my mom bought me acrylic paints for my birthday, I’ve been feeling extra creative. I now paint birthday—or any other occasion—cards for my friends and family. With a few of my neighbors, we’ve decided to start making bracelets, tapping our talents and supplies: using Liza’s fabric, Alice’s sewing machine and my paints.

I love how art takes me away from the computer screen. But as I spend a so much time on this darn laptop, I’ve tried to find ways to make my typing life just a little bit more pretty.

A few weeks ago I shared a few food-themed email templates. And today, I will share my new food and drink related gmail finds: crazy little emoticons!

So I know this is nerdy or dorky or very 1992. But you know what. It’s August. Who really wants to be in front of a computer? Might as well make it a fun, food-filled time.

Plus, there is a self-peeling banana!


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  • BS August 15, 2011  

    so what emotion does a self-peeling banana convey?

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