ES Haiku

standing in the yard
small hands hold giant slices
juice drips in the grass

I came across this cute little haiku the other day on Garden Path. It was a brief, nostalgic take on the ultimate summer fruit: watermelon. This led to a search of haiku meme and a few minutes looking at various haiku attempts by people all over the web. Most of the haikus I came across were simple and sweet, though I  came across some snarky ones on Twitter called #twaiku. One of my favorite examples was by Twitter User MJ:

Black socks being shown/at the 4 seasons cafe/pure class man. Pure class.

These cheeky twaikus were more my style and so I decided to try a few of my own that were a little more appropriate for ES:



Slurp, lick and imbibe

cool, tasty intoxicate

frozen poptail time


Some lovely food porn

Need those glossy images

Artsy Photo Today


One hun-der-ed ways

Images, ideas combine

Don’t try all at once

ES Readers: We’re sure some of you can do better so feel free to leave your food haiku in the comment section.

Photo: Steve Evans

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