Ink Worthy Eats: Top 10 Food Tattoos, Part 2

With heatwaves come lots of skin. And these days, lots of skin comes with tons of ink. It seems the days of tramp stamps, tribal signs and Chinese characters have given way to our new national pastime: food. Here’s our 2nd sampling of indulgent food tattoos.

Top 10 Food Tattoos, Part 2

10. We get it. Everyone loves bacon.

(Photo: Fuck Yeah, Tattoos!)

9. What a brave little toaster. (Best movie ever, no?)

(Photo: Fuck Yeah, Tattoos!)

8. Be kind to the pizza, bro!

(Photo: Fuck Yeah, Tattoos!)

7. Margaritaville. (Lost shaker and salt, get it?!)

(Photo: Fuck Yeah, Tattoos!)

6. Constant countdown to happy hour.

(Photo: Fuck Yeah, Tattoos!)

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  • BS July 20, 2011  

    I’m not the biggest tattoo fan, but the avocado one and the Clash tattoo are fantastic.

  • gansie July 21, 2011  

    adore the avocado tat!

  • Roger Griffiths July 29, 2011  

    Now your talking tatts. If I were get one these would be candidates


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