Do or Dine: Dumpling Nachos

We thought we’d found the limits of nacho creativity when we told you about wonton wrapper nachos, but then the chefs at Brooklyn’s new Do or Dine had to go and make dumpling nachos. Yep, their “Nippon nachos” are basically nachos made with dumplings instead of tortilla chips. Not dumpling wrappers—entire dumplings. Deep-fried pork dumplings are topped with melted cheddar, sour cream, salsa and scallions.

Game on, ESers — what’s the craziest food you can turn into a nacho? Eggs Benedict nachos? Foie gras nachos? Steak tartare nachos? I honesty can’t think of anything I wouldn’t want to eat in nacho form (And big up to Lorie Marsh, who has already written in with her amazing chili cheese nachos. Thanks, Lorie!)

A little more about the awesomely named Do or Dine: two front-of-house workers at Manhattan’s fancy-pants restaurant The Modern branched out to Bed-Stuy with one of the most creative high-end/lowbrow menus we’ve seen yet. They also officially win our search for America’s most creative deviled egg with this:


Octopus deviled eggs it is. May the deviled egg craze not end until I am served an entire 48-oz. t-bone on top of my egg yolks.

(Photos: Do or Dine)

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  • Do or Dine July 12, 2011  

    Keep in mind that the sour cream is fortified by jalapeƱo-steeped smelt roe. Boomshakalaka!

  • BS July 12, 2011  

    thanks for the (delicious) clarification

  • erica July 13, 2011  

    i still have yet to try tatchos (tater tot nachos). i kinda of actually would like to try green bean nachos.

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