Cantaloupe and Kiwi Daiquiri Popsicles

Summer is here with all its mighty heat, and we are doing more than just cranking up the AC to stay cool. We are stripping down to the flesh and getting dirtied-up with some rum. Yes, we are totally talking fruit and Poptailing here.

If you’ve been with us from the start of this Poptail series, you know we are taking classic drinks and getting a bit topsy-turvy with them. Along with that we’ve tried to avoid expensive ingredients and stuck to the basics for the alcohol portions so you don’t have to choose between a Saturday night date and your boozy Poptail.

This week we’re claiming the daiquiri for some freezer fun. We’re ditching the cocktail umbrellas and pitching the curvy bottom glass. These daiquiris are getting a shake up and cool down in a popsicle mold.

Cantaloupe and Kiwi Daiquiri Popsicles


Makes eight 2-and-1/4-oz. popsicles

· 1 ½ cup pureed cantaloupe (6oz, approximately half a normal size cantaloupe)
· ½ cup pureed kiwi (4 ½ oz, approximately 2 normal size kiwis)
· ¾ cup limeade
· ½ cup of light rum
· 4 tablespoons simple syrup


1. Place cantaloupe and kiwi in a food processor or blender and process or blend until pureed, about 1-2 minutes. Add remaining ingredients and process or blend until fully combined.

2. Pour mixture into popsicle forms and freeze for about 2 hours or until mixture starts to solidify enough to hold a popsicle stick upright. Insert popsicle sticks and finish freezing popsicles overnight. To release popsicles run hot water on the outside of popsicle molds for a 2-3 seconds.

*Note: To make this non-alcoholic, simply replace the rum portion with limeade.

Find more cocktail popsicle recipes in Endless Poptails.

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  • Xiaolu @ 6 Bittersweets July 6, 2011  

    Naomi I officially dub thee the popsicle QUEEN =D. These look super refreshing and I like the fruit at the top.

  • Sylvie July 7, 2011  

    I agree with Xialou, it’s official you are now the popsicle queen!

  • Shirley @ gfe July 7, 2011  

    What a lovely photo! Best use of cantaloupe yet. I’m totally loving your poptail series! 🙂


  • purabi naha July 7, 2011  

    These days I’m really concentrating on making a perfect popsicle like this. Yours is perfect. This looks beautiful and yummy! Bookmarked.

  • Kathryn July 7, 2011  

    I have never heard of poptails before, but they sounds like the best idea ever! (I have only ever gotten as creative as booze in smoothies) Where can you get popsicle molds? I’ve never seen them anywhere.

  • bakersroyale July 7, 2011  

    Kathryn-The mold I used is from Amazon, you can find some William Sonoma as well.

  • Felicia July 9, 2015  

    I’m an expat now living in Australia and I’ve been away too long: what do you mean by limeade ? Homemade or the frozen, concentrated stuff ? And if it’s the latter, are you using it once diluted or still concentrated ? I don’t even know if I can find it here, if that’s what you’re on about. At least I’ve got a few months till summer in this hemisphere, should be enough time to source it. Thanks in advance, and I plan on trying every single one of your poptail recipes once it warms up enough, they look amazing.

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