Cocktail O’Clock: The Velvet Pith

The Velvet Pith from Bourbon Steak in Washington, D.C. is one of those wintry egg white cocktails, but re-imagined for summer: cointreau, whipped egg whites, freshly grated nutmeg and fresh basil.

More of Bourbon Steak’s summer cocktails, after the jump.


The House Clover Club: housemade seasonal berry gomme syrup, gin, lime juice, egg white.

The P.K.N.Y., a piña colada gone wild: housemade cream of coconut, pineapple juice, orange juice, Chairman’s Reserve rum and Lemon Hart 151 rum.

Verano Heat: silver tequila, passion fruit puree, spicy cane syrup and soda water.

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  • Shirley @ gfe July 2, 2011  

    OMG, I am so weak for fine cocktails … I want every single one of these (of course, not all at once LOL). Now I must go see what gomme syrup is …


  • Hortus July 3, 2011  

    OOOhhh it’s sp hot and humid right now. Just the sight of these makes me so thirsty!

  • The Gourmet Coffee Guy July 4, 2011  

    Wow! Your fine cocktails are incredible, this post is a must keep for regular reference purposes. Can’t say prefer one cocktail over the other, they are all so amazing!

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