Sweet Potato Cashew Bourbon Milkshake (Yes, That is All One Thing)

What’s that you say? Our avocado milkshake recipe wasn’t crazy enough for you? Well hold your mofo horses, because it’s time to turn sweet potatoes into a shake — and add a little bourbon along the way.

Chef Thomas Dunklin of B&O American Brasserie in Baltimore — the same guy who gave us the deviled egg we are most likely to make love to — was kind enough to share his amazing/insane sweet potato milkshake recipe with us. It’s pictured above with the red velvet donuts that he serves it with, and the full recipe is below. Fair warning — this one is a process-and-a-half to make at home, but you probably guessed that.

Sweet Potato Cashew Bourbon Milkshake

Servings: 8 (thank you, chef, that’s my kind of milkshake recipe)


1 qt cream
1 qt whole milk
1 ea sweet potato (yam)
12 ea egg yolks
1 1/2 cups sugar
1/8 cup bourbon
1/2 vanilla bean

Season sweet potato with oil and salt and pepper and roast in oven until tender. Let cool and peel skin. Combine sweet potato, milk, cream, bourbon, sugar and vanilla. Bring to a boil and steep for 20 minutes.

Take yolks and whisk until you have a pale yellow color. Then temper cream mixture into yolks until fully incorporated. Cook on medium heat until it reaches 180 degrees. Then strain and cool.


1 cup whole cashews
2 cup sugar
2 cup water

Combine ingredients and bring to a boil. Cook until almost caramelized and the liquid is reduced in half. Then strain. Make sure the nuts are dry. Fry the nuts in a deep fryer at 350 degrees. Be really careful when frying as the oil will double in size. Cool on a rack and keep separating while the nuts are cooling or they will be clumped.

Spin ice cream in an ice cream machine using manufactures’ instructions. When done, add chopped candied cashews and freeze.


4 oz sweet potato ice cream
1 T malt powder
Heavy cream

Combine ice cream and malt powder in blender and blend and slowly add cream until desired thickness.

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  • Cupcake Activist June 22, 2011  

    I don’t even drink alcohol, but that sounds delicious. Maybe that’s because I’m pregnant and I have weird cravings.

  • Ali Macaluso June 23, 2011  

    Oh boy…part of my brain wants me to gag, while another part really wants to try this thing…If anything, I am DEFINITELY making the Sweet Potato Ice Cream! YUM!

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