Late Night Refrigerator Raid: Spicy PB&J Noodles

When you work in the restaurant business, dinner time can often be at midnight or later. Let’s be honest, much of the time dinner is at 2 AM after the bars close. When cooks get together and open the refrigerator, some funny and pretty freakin’ delicious things can happen. I was recently part of a Ramen noodle fest at 3 AM that included a bag of frozen peas and about 10 poached eggs. Oh, and that BBQ chicken pizza from homemade dough at 3:30?¬†Epic. I mean, using a dough recipe or letting it rise is not that necessary when you’re hungry. Just throw some yeast, sugar, flour, oil, and water in a bowl and it will probably turn into dough…

The recipe I’m about to share with you doesn’t include amounts because how are you supposed to measure things when you can’t even really see that straight? And to be honest, I don’t really remember how much of what went into the pot. I’ll leave the level of spiciness and sweetness and peanuty-ness up to you. All you need to do is to make the sauce taste delicious. It’s not that difficult. I’m not lying when I say this is legitimately one of the most delicious late night meals I have had in a while.


Spicy PB&J Noodles

peanut butter
strawberry jam (I had homemade strawberry jam on hand…delicious)
sesame oil
heavy cream
salt to taste
pepper to taste
chopped fresh parsley (optional)
noodles (Some form of Chinese noodles would be 50x better than macaroni)



Cook noodles. Drain. Put noodles back in the pot. Add peanut butter, jelly, sriracha, and a little sesame oil. Add heavy cream to make sauce. Add some hot pasta water back in if the sauce needs to be thinned out a bit.

As you can see, I ate it right out of the pot. Feel free to do the same.

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