Sprouting to Life: Day One

Basil, rosemary and mint all failed in my infertile apartment. But I’ve finally discovered something that will grow! I bought some salad sprout seeds from the bulk bin at the Takoma Park Co-op and it actually worked. In less than two weeks I found (well, worked for) a jar full of sprouts.

This is my second go-round because it’s just so darn easy and I love having one extra thing to add to my salads and sandwiches.

Directions next.


All you do is put the seeds in a jar, just enough to cover the bottom. Place something permeable over the top (I used old tights) and rinse the seeds. Add enough water to let the seeds swish around then dump the water out, through the tights. Place the jar back on the counter. Repeat daily.

In fact, my sprouts don’t even see any real sunlight, but they grow nonetheless.  I’ll be updating with my sprout progress. And please let me know if there’s anything similarly easy to grow indoors.

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  • Clay June 13, 2011  

    What do you think you’ll do with your sprouts? We grew some last month but then struggled to use them. FYI fried sprouts: not so hot.

  • gansie June 13, 2011  

    nothing revelatory. or even where the sprouts would really shine as the star ingredient. used them to add bulk to wraps, green salads, grain salads… but i adore the fact that you tried to fry them!

  • BS June 13, 2011  

    I’m disappointed to hear fried sprouts don’t work. I was under the impression that America could make fried anything work.

    How about a sprout pesto?

  • gansie June 13, 2011  

    maybe roasting or broiling to make crispy?

    coated in panko and shallow fried?

    now im determined to make some sort of mockery out of these sprouts.

  • Dad gansie June 13, 2011  

    Nice. Did you wash the tights first too??? Ha ha Way to go green thumb gansie

  • gansie June 13, 2011  

    uh. crap. totally forgot to wash the tights – just pulled them out of my drawer and cut them. oops! (thanks, dad!)

  • BS June 13, 2011  

    when you do something like that you’re supposed to just pretend that it makes it better to use dirty tights…the human oils help the growing process or something.

    love the panko idea.

  • erica June 15, 2011  

    if the tights were in your drawer they were likely already clean, no?

  • Borracho June 16, 2011  

    If you want to completely bastardize the lil guys breading may not work but how about some type of tempura batter?

  • gansie June 16, 2011  

    oh, erica. how i wish.

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