Dear Bisquick: Suck On This

Pretty much all I think about is breakfast. Okay, I might think about more than that. However, I would call myself a breakfast freak. Flapjacks are among my favorite breakfast foods. On a quest for the “no foolin’, best pancake recipe ever,” I stumbled up this little gem that is too good not to share. It is pretty basic, but why fix a squeaky wheel if it isn’t broken…wait…

With a little tweak, I think this pretty much puts Bisquick in a corner for a permanent time out. Who uses Bisquick anyway? It contains solid hydrogenated oils which means it doesn’t need refrigeration and can keep on a shelf for ages. Anything that can keep on a shelf for ages kind of grosses me out. Mmmmm…trans fats. Delicious!


Best Flapjacks Ever

1 c all purpose flour
1 c cake flour
2 T sugar
4 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt
2 c buttermilk
4 tsp melted butter
2 eggs
1 tsp vanilla extract (I used bourbon vanilla extract, so good)


1) Combine dry ingredients in a bowl. I used half cake flour to add a little more tenderness to the pancake. Crispy on the outside, tender on the inside. Who doesn’t want that? Well, duh.

2) Combine wet ingredients in a different bowl. The acid in the buttermilk will activate the baking soda that will give the flapjacks a nice fluffiness. The key is to get your pan hot and ready and then combine the wet ingredients with the dry ingredients just before cooking. Don’t let the batter sit around and deflate. (This doesn’t apply to Bisquick which doesn’t contain baking soda, only baking powder.) Use butter in the pan if you like crispy edges. Oh, and use a badass pan like this one.

3) Use real maple syrup. Don’t cheat dammit! Aunt Jemima has no idea what she’s talking about.

4) Save your leftovers (see photo above) in the freezer for midnight snacks when you get home at one o’clock in the morning and haven’t eaten dinner.

Adapted from the world’s best pancake recipe.

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  • Cathal June 12, 2011  

    You’ve a very different definition of flapjacks than we do in Ireland/the UK. Over here they’re butter, rolled oats and golden syrup mixed and baked with whatever fruit (or chocolate :P) you want in them.

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