Deviled Eggs: Not Just for Parties

With all of our recent drooling over deviled eggs, I became a bit manic about boiling some eggs and stuffing them with tons of mustard. Deviled eggs aren’t too much work, but it’s usually not something one makes just to keep around the house. Well, I’m putting forth a movement for everyday deviled eggs.

It’s a perfect, portion-controlled, and healthy (compared to potato chips) snack for a quick nibble of protein and creaminess. I don’t add anything too fancy: simply mashing yolks with some mustard, horseradish, a touch of yogurt, salt and pepper. They keep for a few days and I dust with paprika right before eating for a fresh kick. (I also cut up a few—egg salad on demand—to fill a charred whole wheat tortilla wrap with lettuce, avocado, green garlic and extra mustard.)

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  • Jenna June 7, 2011  

    I went on a similar kick after Easter. Smoked paprika = amazing eggs. Also, gansie, I love your nail polish!

  • gansie June 7, 2011  

    Thanks Jenna! I thought they looked particularly good in that shot.

  • Shirley @ gfe June 7, 2011  

    You guys might have to start calling this blog, Endless Deviled Eggs. 😉 Seriously, these look good! Yogurt is something different as a deviled egg ingredient. The green nail polish is a great contrast to the yellow. 🙂


  • S.K. July 23, 2011  

    I have just discovered your wonderful site, I love your use of fresh ingredients and innovation. It was the Poptails that initially caught my attention: fantastic!

    Try sprinkling the deviled eggs with Aleppo pepper instead of paprika. I discovered Aleppo in Turkey, but you can order it from Penzy’s or The Spice House. Now I use it in SO MANY dishes, it is great! Definitely good in omelets, veggie sautes and grills of any sort, sauces – anywhere you would use red pepper flakes, hot sauce or cayenne – this is better! It has more kick than paprika, a good, warming, flavorful presence that’s not too hot, (unless you add to much).

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