Peeps Gone Wild

OK, we’re addicted. We’ve realized that those puffy Easter candies everyone throws out around May 1st are good for more than just target practice. Turns out you can put them in everything from brownies to pizza. In hopes of never letting another peep go stale, here are our favorite peeps recipes from ES and around the web.

Salted Caramel and Dark Chocolate Covered Peeps

Raspberry Eggplant blog gives the purple guys a gourmet makeover.

Recipe: salted caramel and dark chocolate covered peeps

Peeps Monkey Bread

Pull-apart buttermilk biscuits stuffed with peeps, via the Knead for Speed

Recipe: Peeps monkey Bread


Chocolate bunnies and flourescent bunnies combine to make one perfect Easter snack, courtesy of Foy Update.

Recipe: peeps s’mores

Peeps Ceviche

Yellow peeps mixed with strawberries, chili peppers and lime, served over a dark chocolate tortilla chip, courtesy our man Borracho.

Recipe: peeps ceviche

Peep Mousse

The Runaway Spoon melted peeps down until they were appropriate for eating with a spoon.

Recipe: peep mousse

Peep Stuffed Brownies

Peeps add a kick to triple-chunk brownies over at Babble.

Recipe: peep stuffed brownies

Lucky Charms Peep Krispie Treats

Specks of peeps add some color to everyone’s favorite marshmallow-cereal treat, dreamed up by Emily of ES.

Recipe: peep krispie treats

Peeps Pie

Cheeky Kitchen filled these mini graham cracker crust pies with blue peeps and whipped cream.

Recipe: peeps pie


Yes, yes, yes! Adam Kuban from Slice actually went there: peep-topped pizza.

Recipe and video: peep-za

Happy Easter!

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