• Bee April 11, 2011  

    This seriously made me laugh, haha! Peeps!!

  • Patty H. April 12, 2011  

    Love it! Made me smile, but then, just as I clicked to leave the site, I thought “Oh no, I bet they can’t breath.” So, just wondering about maybe some holes in the lid.

  • Shirley April 12, 2011  

    They would look so cute on the shelf with all my other “put up” jars – they aren’t around long so you have to preserve them while you can – LOL love the photo

  • forkitude April 12, 2011  

    i didn’t even think about them suffocating! oh no!

  • Mark April 13, 2011  

    Peeps! The ultimate in artsy! Thanks.


  • BS April 14, 2011  

    I’m dying to know what’s going on here. Are you actually saving these for winter?

  • forkitude April 14, 2011  

    Well, I mean, what if they are discontinued next year?! 😉

    And I’m dying to know myself…where these ridiculous ideas come from.

  • Borracho April 14, 2011  

    I am not only impressed by the idea but by the variety of peeps you had available. It must have been a good harvest this year

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