Thursday 3: Things You Didn’t Know You Can Fry

As veterans of several state fairs, at Endless Simmer we know there’s just about no food that can’t stand for a little frying.

1. Cottage Cheese

Yes, it’s good. Yes, it’s better battered and fried.

2. Flowers

These pretty zucchini blossoms will be showing up at the far mar before you know it. You know what to do.

3. Avocado

Fine, maybe this one didn’t work out so well, but you know we’ll be trying again.

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  • Tim April 7, 2011  

    2 Unexpected things I learned in while eating in Italy:

    1) tempura-style fried stuff is popular.
    2) tempura fried sage leaves are incredible. incredible.

  • bs bro April 7, 2011  

    I love the new mobile friendly app. U welcome

  • Bee April 7, 2011  

    Fried avocado is amazing–I wouldn’t mix it with feta though, I can’t imagine that blending well. Do try again, maybe spears rather than balls? It’d be less gooey and possibly more delicious.

  • Krissy April 8, 2011  

    A great one I just discovered yesterday- FRIED RICE AND BEANS! I had some leftover rice and chickpeas, put some oregano in it, coated it with some breadcrumbs to hold it together and browned on both sides. So good on its own or on a sandwich!

  • BS April 8, 2011  

    @Krissy YES YES YES.

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