March Food Madness: All 68 NCAA Tournament Teams Ranked by Their Best Drunk College Food: Part 2

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35. Notre Dame: Four Horsemen Basket

Ribs, chicken strips, mozzarella sticks, Parmesan shrimp and breadsticks. Perhaps designed to be eaten by a group, but on many occasion consumed by a single drunken Irish fan. Between the Buns; South Bend, Indiana (Photo: BtB)

34. Marquette: Chili Cheese Atomic Dog

Spicy Vienna beef Polish hot dog fried crispy and topped with onions, tomato wedges, chili and cheese.

Dogg Haus; Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Photo: Dogg Haus)

33. Texas A&M: Spicy Bacon Chicken Baked Potato

Thought a baked potato was only a vessel for sour cream and cheese? Think again. This one has BBQ chicken, bacon, butter, sour cream and cheese.

Potato Shack; College Station, Texas (Photo: DerekSteen)

32. Florida State: Wake ‘n’ Bake Dog

Too late for dinner, too early for breakfast? Try a hot dog wrapped in bacon on a fried egg with cheese.

VooDoo Dog; Tallahassee, Florida (Photo: VooDoo Dog)

31. Kansas: Cream Cheese Pizza

Pizza with a full layer of cream cheese in between the sauce and the mozzarella.

Pizza Shuttle; Lawrence, Kansas (Photo: tommy k.)

30. Michigan: Hippie Hash

A full plate of hash browns with mushrooms, broccoli, peppers onions and lots of feta. Michiganders, not being hippies, order it with sausage on the side.

Fleetwood Diner; Ann Arbor, Michigan (Photo: calamity_hane)

29. Indiana State: Marvin’s Garlic Cheeseburger

While this bad boy technically belongs to nearby DePauw University, many an ISU student (and those from much further away) make the trek for this famed late-night fuel: two quarter-pound burgers on an 8-inch hoagie roll, with copious American cheese and garlic salt.

Marvin’s; Greencastle, Indiana (Photo: Jason Reitman – No, really!)

28. UNLV: Loco Dog

A beef dog wrapped in bacon and topped with grilled onions, jalapeno relish and guacamole, served on a grilled wheat bun.

Flowrider; Las Vegas, Nevada (Photo: Chris M)

27. Butler: Cajun Creole Chili

The menu changes daily — could be red chili, black chili, white chili, with chicken, cheese, crawfish or sausages. Basically, these folks know their chili, and there’s always hot sauce, rice and bread for extra effect.

Yat’s Cajun Creole; Indianapolis, Indiana (Photo: Chuck Carroll)

26. Penn State: Fat DoBoy

Cheesesteak, chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, bacon, mayo and ketchup. PS — even though Rutgers isn’t in the tournament, we have to give a shout-out to Fat Darrell for starting the fat college sandwiches trend.

Are U Hungry; State College, Pennsylvania (Photo: Buu H)

25. West Virginia: Barracuda Burger

Grilled pineapple, jalapeno bacon, caramelized onions, mozzarella cheese and sesame teriyaki sauce — is there any doubt someone was stoned when they decided all of these things belonged on the same burger?

Tailpipes; Morgantown, West Virginia (Photo: Fat Guys and a Table)

24. Oakland University: The Sampler Pizza

It’s impossible to say just how many drunken fights have been avoided by the ingenious existence of a pizza with toppings split four ways.

Zaa! Simply Unique Pizzas; Rochester Hills, Michigan (Photo: Zaa)

23. Syracuse: Six-Pound Frittata

A pound of home fries held together by four eggs, plus Italian sausage, pepperoni, broccoli, onions and peppers. You get your name on the wall if you can finish the whole thing.

Mother’s Cupboard; Syracuse, New York (Photo: Switzers Head North)

22. Michigan State: The Dub

A wrap is a healthy snack, right? Yeeeeeah…especially when you load it with meatballs, chicken, pepperoni, marinara sauce and mozzarella. More on Menna’s Joint from Southwest Michigan Dining.

Menna’s Joint; East Lansing, Michigan (Photo: Southwest Michigan Dining)

21 & 20. Vanderbilt / Belmont: The Barnyard Dog

Like an entire Southern picnic piled onto a bun: a hot dog topped with pulled pork, BBQ sauce and creamy coleslaw.

The Dog of Nashville; Nashville, Tennessee (Photo: Jennie L)

19. University of Arkansas-Little Rock: The Whole Shebang at Hunka Pie

Only a college town could support a restaurant with a burger and pie special.

Hunka Pie; Little Rock, Arkansas (Photo: Hunka Pie)

18. Northern Colorado: Deep-Fried Monte Cristo

Ham, turkey, swiss cheese and bread, all dipped in tempura batter and deep fried to a golden-brown. Served with honey for dipping.

Fat Albert’s; Greeley, Colorado (Photo: Fat Albert’s)

17. Illinois: The Big Fat Ugly

Almost too ridiculous to actually exist, except it does: two rolls stuffed with four cheeseburgers, cheesesteak, chicken cheesesteak, gyro meat, grilled chicken, bacon. sausage, mozzarella sticks, chicken fingers, chicken nuggets, mac ‘n cheese bites, fried mushrooms, jalapeno poppers, pizza bites, onion rings, hash browns, mini corn dogs, American cheese, mayonnaise and ketchup.

Fat Sandwich Company; Champaign, Illinois (Photo: Fat Sandwich)

16. UT-San Antonio: La Costra Del Guero

The ingenious cooks at this taco truck make a white cheese fondue and then fry it into a crisp shell — basically a hard tortilla made completely out of cheese. It’s stuffed with carne asada, fresh salsa and cilantro, then served on three soft corn tortillas just in case.

Chela’s Taco’s; San Antonio, Texas (Photos: Chela’s)

15. USC: Machacha Burrito

Shredded beef, scrambled eggs, chili, tomatoes, onions and refried beans, all in one tortilla.

Chano’s Drive-In; Los Angles, Califoria (Photo: Patrick B)

14. UNC-Asheville: Luella’s BBQ

A barbecue sandwich worth making love to.

Luella’s BBQ, Asheville, North Carolina (Photo: Luella’s)

13. Princeton: The Phat Lady

It took the smartest town in America to come up with a cheesesteak sub with mozzarella sticks, french fries, mayo and ketchup.

Hoagie Haven; Princeton, New Jersey (Photo: natural kinds)

12. Gonzaga: The Certifiable Crazy Burger

Everyone’s favorite sleeper team comes through in a big way:a 6-oz. angus topped with swiss, sauteed mushrooms, caramelized onions, “crazy sauce,” bacon and a slab or pastrami. (Photo: Chris S)

Crazy G’s; Spokane, Washington (Photo: Chris S)

11. Richmond: CSS Virginia

Careful, college students — this giant hoagie might trick you into eating something refined. It’s an entire baguette loaded with fried chicken livers, granny smith apple, shredded cabbage, green onion and remoulade.

The Black Sheep; Richmond, Virginia (Photo: Trish A)

10. Wisconsin: Mac and Cheese Pizza

Count on the badger state to find a way to combine America’s two favorite cheese products into one colossal artery clogger.

Ian’s Pizza; Madison, Wisconsin (Photo: John Kannenberg)

9. University of Georgia: Feta Fries

Wait, wait, wait…late-night cheese fries don’t have to come in orange? You can put good cheese on fries? Why didn’t someone thing of this earlier??? More about late-night Athens grub at Taylor Takes a Taste.

The Grill; Athens, Georgia (Photo: Taylor Takes a Taste)

8. Primanti Bros. Sandwich

The place that started the whole french fries on a sandwich thing…and coleslaw too. Why not?

Primanti Bros.; Pittsburgh, Pennslyvania (Photo: Primanti Bros.)

7. George Mason: Roasted Chicken Rectum

This North Korean restaurant offers up an alcohol-soaking dish unknown in the U.S. but eaten on virtually every Korean street corner ’round 3 a.m. Dak dong jib — literally “chicken shit house” — is, yes, a plateful of beautifully chewy chicken a-holes. Washington City Paper has more on why you’d want to wash down your beer with these puckers.

Pyongyang Soondae; Alexandria, Virginia (Photo: Corbo E)

6. Arizona: Sonoran Hot Dog

The pride of Tuscon: two hot dogs wrapped in bacon, topped with tomato, onions, beans, salsa verde, mustard and mayo.

El Guero Canelo; Tucson, Arizona (Photo: esoller)

5. Long Island University: Something Different Sandwich

This old-school diner adjacent to L.I.U.’s Brooklyn campus combines two Jewish classics into one monstrous creation — juicy slices of beef brisket contained between two oversize deep-fried potato latkes, served with apple sauce for spreading or gravy or dipping.

Junior’s; Brooklyn, New York (Photo: Junior’s)

4. Temple: The Mash

Yes, that’s a hot dog stuffed in a hoagie roll and topped with mashed potatoes and green onions. New food cart The Dapper Dog serves The Mash as a frequent special; if it’s not on tap you can always opt for a mac-and-cheese or fried egg topped hot dog. See more of their hot dogs at Drawing for Food.

The Dapper Dog; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Photo: Drawing for Food)

3. Boston University: Mac and Soul Casserole

Thick-thick mac and cheese with shredded sweet potatoes and collard greens stirred into the mix. Check out This is Why I’m Always Broke for more on this new food truck.

Fillbelly’s; Boston, Massachusetts (Photo: TIWIAB)

2. UCLA: The Big Fat Fatty

A 27-inch garlic hero loaded with cheesesteak, cheeseburgers, pastrami, chicken fingers, bacon, mozzarella sticks, onion rings, jalapeno poppers, fried eggs, chili and marinara sauce. Eat it in under 40 minutes, the $50 price tag is waived and you get to create your own “fat” sandwich to put on the menu.

Fat Sal’s; Los Angeles, California (Photo: Fat Sal’s)

1. Texas: Three Wise Fries

Austin, Texas is a beautiful place. A land where the yuppie foodie movement collides with Texas’s bigger is better mindset in an insane urban mash-up that produces some highly edible results. Case in point: these truck food cheese fries, which come topped with the typical orange goo, but also marinated beef short ribs, spicy marinated chicken, twice-cooked pork belly, grilled onions and a kicker called el scorcho sauce. Go Longhorns!

Coreanos; Austin, Texas (Photo: Coreanos)

Read Part 1 of the List

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  • Kyle March 18, 2011  

    Uhm…yeah. For Texas A&M, you’ve listed some strange menu item, from a place in Katy, TX, which is a good hour and a half from College Station. Feel free to rethink that.

  • richmondguy March 19, 2011  

    The Black Sheep is closer to VCU and is named after the team name and team color. How are you gonna give Richmond the Black Sheep?!

  • Zach March 19, 2011  

    Excellent choice with Three Wise Fries. Coreanos is quickly becoming legendary in downtown Austin.

    And I hate to admit it but there is a ton of great food in College Station. Katy Texas, however, is not close at all to Texas A&M University.

  • Nathan March 19, 2011  

    FYI – For the University of Kansas, the cream cheese pizza is the BTO Shuttle. What’s pictured are the cheesesticks from Pizza Shuttle – still ridiculously tasty hangover food, for sure, but not the cream cheese ‘za alluded to in the review.

  • Leah March 19, 2011  

    Sausage or not, in Ann Arbor its all about the hash.

  • rob March 20, 2011  

    I’ve lived in Little Rock all my life. Little Rock is NOT a “College Town.” BTW this “Hunka Pie” place is pretty new, not many people have heard of it, much less eaten there. There are many other places you could have chosen that are reasonably famous. Strange take on Little Rock.

  • Art Beans March 21, 2011  

    What the hell are collared greens?

    Collard greens, son.

  • BS March 21, 2011  

    @Kyle and Zach – thanks for the correction….Potato Shack is a small Texas chain that is in College Station (A&M), as well as Katy, Tx.

  • Bob Huggins March 21, 2011  

    completely wrong for WVU. tailpipes has been open for like under a year. completely disappointed… please do better research next time

  • RJE March 21, 2011  

    Oh, you have Wisconsin ALL wrong. The real late night drunk food is a Gryo at the Parthenon on State Street. You wil taste that thing for about 3 days afterwards, but when you are downing it, it’s incredible. It’s the best I’ve ever had around the country…. and make sure you have plenty of napkins.

  • JT March 22, 2011  

    You got Michigan State 100% right. Students have gone their entire academic careers without ever soberly eating a Dub from Menna’s.

  • brandon March 22, 2011  


  • Mo March 22, 2011  

    The Dogghaus for Marquette is WAY off. Every MU fan knows that Real Chili is where it’s at before home games and after bar! RING OUT AHOYA!!!

  • maggie d March 22, 2011  

    Just to set the record straight, Nathan, that is in fact the Pizza shuttle cream cheese pizza. I’ve lived in Lawrence my whole life and believe me, that’s it, I’ve eaten it about 500 times. In this pic its just cut up small. The BTO pizza has mayonnaise, cheese, bacon, tomato and onion.

  • Caffrey March 22, 2011  

    THANK YOU MO! YOU GOT MARQUETTE WAY OFF! Real Chili has been there wayyyyyy longer. Real Chili only been around about a couple years. PLEASE REFINE RESEARCH!

    (note, name chosen wisely as it is the other main bar name on campus.)

  • Merrill March 23, 2011  

    WVU should have been a pepperoni roll

  • mitch March 23, 2011  

    I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anyone at tailpipes in morgantown late night. usually a line at casa’s though

  • Nick March 23, 2011  

    While I love Yat’s it is definitely not late night drunk food considering it closes at 9. If you’re getting drunk food and you’re at Butler, you’re either getting a breakfast burrito at Qdoba or breadsticks from Hot Box Pizza.

  • Ray March 23, 2011  

    Texas A&M is in fact in a college town, it’s called College Station and is approximately 90 miles from Katy, TX….TRY AGAIN…perhaps Gumby’s pizza 20″ late nite pizza for $7 delivered until 4am

  • Sarah March 23, 2011  

    What is this Wake N’ Bake Dog mess?! Everyone knows you get a GUT BOX (no slaw, extra fries, extra sauce) in Tally.

  • SPARTY March 23, 2011  

    BULL CRAP…. MICHIGAN STATE got the DUB… REALLY??? Whoever did this ranking is WAAAAYYYYY OFFF! All us Spartans in spartan country shouldnt welcome you guys to East Lansing…. get another job!

  • Liza March 23, 2011  

    Fav = M&C ‘Za

  • Tom March 24, 2011  

    Whoever did the research for Marquette should be fired. If he or she would have made one call to a MU fan, they would have been told Real Chili!! Many people now eat noodles with their chili thanks to the Marquette Special!

  • Andy Sirginnis March 25, 2011  

    You missed the boat in Morehead.

    Pasquales on the corner of Main Street & University Boulevard is the place to go for a Stromboli & fries & much much more.

    Jimbo’s would have also been a must see if it was still open, a Jimbo special always hit the spot.

  • Chris April 6, 2011  

    How did the Don Juan at Juan in a Millions in Austin not get the top spot! That place is incredible and the guy from man bs food went there.

  • Orange August 20, 2011  

    Mother Cupboard in Syracuse doesn’t make sense if you’re talkin drunk food. It’s a diner that’s pretty far off campus and isn’t open late night nor does it deliver; so while some students to venture there to take on the frittata on a weekend afternoon, it’s not something we eat drunkenly.
    Should have gone with fried pickles or chili cheese fries from Chucks, or the aircraft carrier from Wings Over Syracuse (two racks of ribs, 60 wings, 6 lbs of boneless wings, 2 large fries, 2 large onion rings). Now that’s drunk food Orange style. GO CUSE.

  • Jessica September 3, 2011  

    UCSB is relatively accurate – Freebirds is definitely the place, just not sure BBQ nachos are the right pick. More like one of their MONSTER burritos. When I was at school it was open 24 hours – magical.

  • Molly May 15, 2012  

    FIRST OF ALL– how can you forget Garbage plates from ROCHESTER. Ultimate drunk food recognized by Man Vs. Food– University of Rochester and RIT both major representatives of the PLATE!

    Half of this stuff doesn’t even compare…. PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE

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