• BS February 1, 2011  

    holy mother of Christ! tell me more about this sandwich

  • Borracho February 1, 2011  

    Not only does this look like heaven but it is probably a way to get there quicker. Definitely need more info!

  • Sweet Fiend February 1, 2011  

    Yeah, I’m gonna need some elbow room for this one!

  • forkitude February 1, 2011  

    this is a “club” sandwich…meaning it can be used to club someone in the face.

    the artery clogger is buttered and grilled sourdough, pastrami, grilled chicken, bacon, smoked cheddar, garlic aioli, and a dusting of shredded romaine lettuce to act as the token vegetable so you feel 3% better about yourself for eating it. i think it weighed 8 lbs.

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