Seven Years in the Making

jack and spinach quesadilla

In 2004 I burnt a quesadilla. Burnt to inedible sadness. In the years since, I feared trying it again. I ordered the fried wonder all of the time, usually with wilted spinach mingling with the melted cheese. If I couldn’t cook it myself, I could at least enjoy it elsewhere.

That was until last night.

Bennett and I have been on a grilled cheese adventure, well, not really an adventure as most of the sandwiches resemble normal grilled cheeses. Except, though, for this character with Brussels sprouts, which was inspired by #2 on America’s Top 10 New Sandwiches.

But with our block of cheese still going strong, I decided to face my fear of the quesadilla.

In the seven years since my first attempt, I’ve changed boyfriends and kitchens. I learned that not everything can cook on high heat. And I learned that one failure shouldn’t keep me from enjoying another way to love cheese.

Plus, I adore frying tortillas. How hard could it be with less oil?

I found it wasn’t hard at all. I don’t know what happened back then.

But drizzling oil in a hot pan, laying a corn tortilla down, flickering shredded Monterey Jack  cheese on top with just-wilted spinach and cilantro (and an extra sprinkle of cayenne), and covering it with a second tortilla couldn’t have been easier. I slid a lid on top to ensure the cheese melted in sync with the tortilla crisping. After a few minutes, I painted a slick of oil on the top tortilla and flipped it over.

If some cheese oozes out, think of it as a victory. Burnt cheese is a blessing. And conquering a fear tastes delicious.

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  • BS January 25, 2011  

    Quesadillas were the very first thing I knew how to cook, and I’m a strong believe that cooking in butter makes the absolutely best quesadillas…although yours looks perfectly golden-brown, so I’m pretty impressed. So glad you were able to face your fears — if I didnt’ know how to make quesadillas I would not eat lunch two to three times a week

  • dad gansie January 25, 2011  

    great wow looks delis….sherry make me make them often, usually on large wrap, some butter on pan add cheese fold over cover with foil and put an empty tea pot on top till brown and flip,oozing cheese is nice

  • BS Mom January 27, 2011  

    One of my favorite dishes, especially on evenings when no dinner is planned – and I love when the cheese oozes out and gets crispy and brown.

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