• Cajun Chef Ryan January 6, 2011  

    My only question: Does the soup come with salt and a lime wedge?

  • BS January 6, 2011  

    and is it available for breakfast?

  • dad gansie January 6, 2011  

    Hopefully all of the above
    At least ganie took picture before consumption considering it was in focus and straight up

  • Shirley @ gfe January 6, 2011  

    LOL on the “I’ll take, two.” I hear you! Why don’t I come across signs and offerings like that?! This soup could be followed by the margarita cupcakes that I saw mentioned on Twitter last night. 😉 Our worries will just fly away …


  • Tikabelle January 6, 2011  

    Once at Tres Agaves in Rocklin, CA, the soup of the day wasn’t ready yet. We were eating in the bar, and after making alternative food choices my friend and I were chatting when the bartender put two flutes of tequila in front of us. Surprised, we asked what it was – despite the fumes of Good Tequila coming from the glasses – and he replied, “it’s the soup of the day,” with a wink and a smile.

    Needless to say (though I say it anyway), tequila has become “soup” in our lexicon, and this picture makes me utterly happy. And now I crave soup.

  • gansie January 6, 2011  

    i love this story! thanks for sharing.

  • Borracho January 7, 2011  

    Snowy day in PA today gives me a yearning for “soup” as well. Do you order it by the shot, cup, bowl or vat?

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