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– Britannia’s chocolate tomato cake had ESers digging up all kinda crazy dessert recipes. erica:

this reminds me of this fudge my mom makes that has Velveeta in it. people LOVE it.

!?!!! Erica, I would like to see a recipe, stat.

Shirley @ gfe:

I made chocolate cake years ago using a box mix and tomato soup. It’s actually kind of “old school.” ;-) And, you’re right, it adds lots of moisture and a different flavor. Of course, I’ve even made ice cream with tomatoes and loved it … so did others, too. Pumpkin was mentioned in combination with chocolate. Avocado can be used with cocoa and sweetener to make fantastic puddings, mousses, cakes, etc. Bottom line–it can be fun and delicious to use produce in baked goods.

chris a is all done with Top Chef after reading our interviews with Tom Colicchio and axed chef-testant Elia:
I watched this show up until now. Tom C, you have clearly sold out. Bad beef at your restaurants and clearly an axe to grind. Anthony Bourdain, you are so offensive now. I have stopped watching. Good luck in finding your soul again!
Finally, Ruth Bourdain is holding strong in our Eater of the Year contest, although Sarah Palin appears to be making a move. Don’t forget to vote!

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  • erica December 27, 2010  

    you know, i never asked for the recipe… i was vegan at the time, and mom’s announcement “this fudge is vegan! you’ll never guess the secret ingredient!!” was all i needed to hear. mom, of course, was chagrined to learn that Velveeta is surprisingly NOT vegan. but! my BF at the time ate half the sheet of it that mom sent home, and made me take the rest to work so he wouldn’t end up eating it all. people there also loved it.

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