My First Pickle

pickle ornament

This summer my little brother and his girlfriend moved in together. She keeps the apartment beautifully in shape. This includes their classy Christmas tree this holiday season. I’m not sure if my brother ever lived with a Christmas tree before. My first experience with a tree occurred during college; my roommates even presented me with my first stocking.

(Actually, funny story. That same year we also arranged a house Secret Santa and my roommate bought me a slow cooker cookbook, as I knew nothing about cooking. She bought it as a joke. She took “slow cooker” to mean not smart. Of course, the joke was on her.)

For his first Christmas tree occasion, my brother’s girlfriend bought him a few ornaments: a soccer ball, a menorah and a pickle. It’s nice to know food shows up at all the most important moments. Even if it’s porcelain.

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  • erica December 23, 2010  

    i like your pickle.

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS, Gansie! and all the ES Staff!!!

  • dad gansie December 23, 2010  

    Nice. Come Get some of our real picks ready to eat

  • Lora December 24, 2010  

    Here in Germany the pickle ornament is hidden deep within the tree and the first child who finds it gets a treat. Merry Christmas!

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